Thoughts In Between

It’s the 19 of March and the Corona crisis has even found me in the country’s remotest region. Two courses that were planed for painting and sculpture have been cancelled and the institution that Iwork with has been shut down. It’s a strange thing this pandemic, somewhat surreal and at the same time scary. Makes me think what the world would have done without computers and the technology thathelp us deal with this, surely it would have been another Spanish flu.
On a brighter note, I get time to myself, to make stuff, and to build the rental flat out. I want to make a new series of my doted sculptures , they seem to have all been bought so I need to get moredried wood. I will post a few as and when they pop out. Anyway, my first blog entry, let’s see if I can get this to be a more permanent fixture. 

Friday the 27 th, .......

I did get to go and organize some more dry Oak, nice bendy bits, out of which I get make some nice small works. For ages I have been watching people on youtube making stuff out of glued together bits of plywood and that’s piqued my interest to make some. Then I saw a video of Tony Cragg, who does great big ones ..all lacquered up in bright colors, eagerly being nursed into life by a hoard of assistants.....and that’s just so impressive that it’s daunting. Plywood is expensive too so maybe I will try to attempt a sponsorship of a manufacturer, that would be cool. I am still trying to find sponsorship for a large hall or commercial property where I can do large paper works, thing is, when I have the idea and I am all up and fired , thinking fuck it that’s easy, surely it can’t be too hard to find .......blah blah.... by the time I have reached the third proposal that goes south, I have to really fight to want to still make the imagined works, that are costing me sleep, constantly emerging out of lined with black paper, black Indian ink explosions closing my view eventually, to go fully black.

Need to make some bread.... later maybe...

Friday, 2 Oct.


The months have passed and I have been building the rental flat slowly, not being able to afford laborers, I have to do most of the stuff alone, if I had not gotten money from the state, I would have been dead.